Weekend Training

Weekends are sacred for many high school students to catch up on sleep and school work or to merely relax with friends and family; however, many of ISM’s student athletes have realized that weekends can be made hectic by additional practices or time-consuming games. Furthermore athletes, who have games scheduled on Sundays, find it doubly challenging not to procrastinate and to start their work early. Varsity softball player, Erin O’Reilly, prefers to have practices or games on Saturdays rather than on Sundays. “I wish that I had the ability to finish all of my work on a Saturday so that I wouldn’t have to worry on Sunday but it is just not that way,” said Erin. However, she believes that weekend practices shouldn’t be a problem as “it simply comes down to work ethic and procrastination.”

golfNik Puno, another varsity softball player, enjoys the weekend practices, as the positive long-term benefits outweighs the immediate inconvenience by far. According to Nik, “Practices on Saturdays usually mean that we do not have a game, so we do not lose too much time.” He feels that “weekend practices are a little bit looser than regular ones, but extremely productive nonetheless”. Nik believes that attending the weekend practices offers a “chance to keep your skills sharp and show the coaches you are dedicated.”

However, in some cases, weekend sessions not only eat up our athletes’ time, but also empty their wallets. Varsity golf athlete, Sarah Kim, relays that at each outing “the golf team pays up to 3,000 pesos each for 18 holes”. Weekend practices are both necessary and comparatively more cumbersome for those on the golf squad, as our school does not host the facilities needed for an 18 hole round of golf. Therefore, weekend practices are imperative to hone and perfect the skills of our golfers.

It does take true dedication for the athletes, coaches and parents to sacrifice their weekends. It is even more so for Sunday games as families need to shuffle their get togethers, work and church service. But when they hit the ground running to train or compete, it is all worth it for the love of the sport.

Article by: Sami Um, Grade 10
Photographs by: Ariana Mapua, Grade 12

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