Bruno Mars: Moonshine Jungle

Article by: Mariel Guzman

Photographs collated by: Kim Ji Young

Society uses the word “hooligan” to describe restless youth, rebellious troublemakers. Nowadays, however, a new definition of “hooligan” has arisen: a dedicated fan of Bruno Mars.

On March 22, 2014, Mars’ tour Moonshine Jungle came to Manila. As a “hooligan” myself, I went expecting a great performance similar to that of his concert Doo Wops and Hooligans. But Moonshine exceeded my expectations.

bruno-mars-moa-arena-concert-480x324Firstly, the show was great due to amazing tech. The tight lighting cues along with the amazing graphics created a dazzling spectacle. From bright pink and blue lighting patterns for Mars’ “Marry You” to detailed and intense animations in “Gorilla,” the impressive effects perfectly embodied the emotions and messages of the songs.

10011299_745371665482077_358518305_nThe show was made even better through Bruno’s enthusiastic band members. Not only are they musical masters, but they are outgoing entertainers who contributed a lot to Bruno’s show. They laughed, sang, and even danced alongside Bruno, rousing the audience and giving the performance momentum.

Finally, Bruno Mars himself was incredible. He added extra runs and notes that changed his original songs, showing off his smooth tenor voice and impressive range. He showcased his instrumental abilities by riffing guitars and doing jaw-dropping drum solos. His musical talent is not to be doubted. And by singing songs from many different genres, from ballads like “Grenade,” R&B songs like “Natalie,” the reggae “Show Me” or disco tunes like “Treasure,” Bruno proved his versatility and took the audience through an emotional roller-coaster ride.1375845_745367775482466_785825180_n

Comparing Moonshine to his Doo-Wops and Hooligans tour, Bruno’s confidence has clearly increased. Instead of establishing himself as an artist, Mars has now become one in truth. Having proved himself to the critics, he can now dedicate himself to his fans, leaving them with memories of a fun concert and an unforgettable night.

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