IMG_9601From ICARE to Saturday Service trips, service is and always has been an integral part of our lives at ISM. Even in 1993 while there were only about 15 service clubs, one third were dedicated to service alone. Some of these clubs are still around today, such as SBP.

Currently, there are seven clubs exclusively for service. However, other clubs such as PCC have service partners that receive donations from a variety of fundraising activities carried out by that club. Also, each grade level now has an assigned service partner. What’s more, we even have service clubs not considered technically “ISM”, but still are managed by ISM students, such as UNESCO Club and Green Earth Heritage Foundation.

IMG_9612Perhaps the most pervading symbol of service is manifested in ICARE. ICARE has been an integral part of ISM’s history since 1995, and has evolved from only encompassing 5 service sites to today’s whopping 17 Metro Manila sites and 12 Provincial sites accommodating the entire High School. Undoubtedly, to this day, ICARE is regarded as one of the best experiences of high school.

When tracing the evolution of service, what we see is that service has grown from just an extracurricular activity to become a crucial part of our school curriculum. For example, Band Aid, a service event raising money for disaster funds, has now become a core part of the Advanced Dance, Rock 101 and Show Choir class syllabus, demonstrating how service has truly become incorporated within our classroom walls.

The advancement and importance of service can be dated back to the beginning of ISM, but though various changes have occurred, one thing remains true above all else: carrying on the tradition of service to mankind is a crucial part of being a Bearcat.

Article and Photographs By: Candice Hodges

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