ISM is one of the most service-oriented schools, as it is actively involved with a plethora of service partners such as CCV, SPECS, CFK and more. Every year, the ISM community engages the student body in fundraisers, awareness campaigns, and service trips that have played an immense role in assisting such service partners. Without a doubt, ISM has made a huge contribution to bettering the lives of many individuals and communities in need. However, why is the ISM community so willing to give if they do not necessarily get anything in return? After conducting a survey on community service in the ISM High School, it was found that students, in fact, are rewarded for doing service.

When asked whether or not service has had a positive impact on the student body, 62% responded with “agree” and 30% responded with “strongly disagree”, while a minority of 4% responded with “disagree” and 4% with “strongly disagree”.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 9.29.27 PM

It is evident from the results that service is not all about giving; it is also about receiving. The High School students at ISM have all been graced with the positive impact of engaging in community service. When asked in what ways service has positively impacted them, 73% said that it was a way for them to work with and get to know other people. Meanwhile, 62% agree that it is a good way to develop their leadership skills, and make them more active. 55% of students admit that service is also a good way for them to learn more about their strengths and weaknesses. Some other students confessed that service is a way for them to “Learn more about other people’s lives, and gain perspective on how to live yours”, and to “feel good that [they] have done something to help others”.

Ultimately, doing service work is definitely worthwhile because not only will you service others, but you will also service yourself.

Article By: Linh Nguyen


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