2048: Everyone’s New Addiction

Article by: Lucas Ramos

Photograph by: Navina Hasper

Every once in a while, a dangerously addictive game becomes viral among students in our school. In the past, these games have ranged from Robot Unicorn Attack, to Farmville, Candy Crush, and Flappy Bird. The most recent craze is a simple tile matching game named 2048. Created by Gabriele Ciruli, in 2048, players have to slide tiles until they can combine two tiles with the same number to gain a new tile of the sum of the two tiles. The goal of this game is to create the elusive 2048 tile by getting tiles in the right positions and matching them together.

While still in high demand, the game is slowly losing popularity as more and more people are able to beat it. However, though some are satisfied with finishing the game, others still return to it, as they find it difficult to part ways. Additionally, despite the notion that those that have yet to finish the game may find it increasingly annoying, they are still unable to escape from the addictive qualities of the game. As one ISM student states, “The game is very annoying, but its addictive qualities and the fact that my friends have beaten it still drive me to keep playing to win.”

Though most students are able to stop playing the game after beating it once, other students may want to still continue playing. One student said that he is “still drawn by its [addictive] qualities and [is] also interested in beating the many other variants [of the game], such as doge 2048 or getMIT”, while other students strive to get 4096. This innovative game will probably continue to hold the interests of students for a while, until another viral game appears in the future.


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