World Cup Has Local Flavors

Even though it comes around just once every four years, or precisely because of that, the World Cup’s grip on the planet’s imagination remains impressive. Different fans’ delirious chants of “We are going to win” followed by rhythmic dance moves and singing always made the World Cup more exciting.

1. World Cup Fever - Shakira from Ogilvy

“The best part about the World Cup is that our family members all wears red shirts and cheer for the athletes” said Korean teacher Lee Ji Eun. During the tournament, millions of Koreans wearing red T-shirts come out to the streets to cheer collectively for the national soccer team. They bring red drumsticks and capes along with them and paint their faces red to signify passion, energy, power, and confidence.

The Japanese cheer for their Samurai Warriors in a similar way. In Tokyo, thousands of people stay up during the night to watch live coverage of the games and more than hundred thousands of people gather outside Tokyo’s buildings to spell out the words “arigato” – “thank you” in Japanese. “It’s an amazing feeling, being able to cheer for them and pass on my energy to the athletes” said Amy Koshio.

2. World Cup Fever - Spain from NewsDifferent countries celebrate World cup in different manners, however, what is most important is that World Cup is a huge event that brings people together to cheer up for the athletes.

Article by: Julie Kang, 10
Photographs from: The Guardian, Ogivly, and



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