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Two years ago, tennis athletes had to fight daily against the impaling brightness of the sun, that levitated at close proximity to the roof. And if the sun was not an issue, the Philippine rain was, as tennis cannot be played when courts are sopping wet.  To resolve these issues, the school renovated the entire rooftop, where the faded courts were resurfaced and a cover for shade was finally added.

Many users of this facility were able to derive satisfaction.  Jasmine Tanho, senior tennis player comments, “Although the surface is kind of different and unusual, I really appreciate how much cooler the ventilation is. I think all tennis players appreciate that.”

Likewise, to prepare for hosting this year’s IASAS swimming, ISM’s most recent splurge was spent on renovating the entire swimming pool.  Swimmers were generously endowed with this gift, and thus were spiritually heightened to perform and make the best use of the new facility.

BT Athletics Week 17 - Funding on Swimming Pool - By Sung Yun Bae (9)However, not all bearcat athletes are so lucky as to not worry about the funding of their appropriate training provisions. For example, the golf team, also the newest sport coalition in ISM, has to pay extra fees, as the school does not subsidize for the money they must spend to train in outside facilities.  Sophomore golf athlete Stephen Suarez comments honestly, “Every time we play eighteen holes, we have to pay for the green fees, which is around 2500 pesos.  Ideally, it would be great if the school could fund for golf practices, but then again golf is an expensive sport as it is.”

Surely, the nature of golf has always been associated as one that is time consuming and expensive.  In fact, it is dubbed to be the world’s most lucrative sport.  Golf coach, Wayne Hamaguchi states, “This is perhaps the most challenging aspect in the golf team.  Maybe the school should subsidize for a part of it.  But then again, this may be the price that golf athletes have to pay.  I mean the kids know there is going to be an expense involved, because ISM cannot build a golf course.”

So the matter remains as one of great controversy.  The issues regarding funding, much like in a country’s politics is never drawn with clear lines or straight boundaries.  Does the sports deserve the school’s dollar?  Or is the sacrifice the golf athlete being a player of golf, must make?

Article by: DeeDee Aeschliman


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