IASAS during Spring Break

Unlike the other IASAS events, this year’s competitions for third season sports will not be held during school times. Instead, track, softball, badminton, and golf athletes will be travelling to their respective IASAS leagues during the week of Spring Break. The athletes’ responses to this change ranged from despairing disappointment to gracious appreciation.

For students, being able to miss a few days of the hectic school life is one of the fundamental perks of participating in IASAS.  Unfortunately this year’s third season athletes will not be able to experience this.  Sophomore student and softball player Sami Um admitted that she was not just “sad” because she will be missing an opportunity to skip class, but also because she will be competing without “the attention and engagement of the school”.  After all, much of the student population will be detached from school life during break, and subsequently also detached from supporting its bearcat athletes.

However, there are interesting benefits that this season’s IASAS participators may derive from this schedule.  Badminton player Mavie Cruz reveals, “Since I’m in my junior year, this actually serves as somewhat of an advantage to me, as I won’t be behind on the work that I would’ve done in class.”  Luckily, these athletes will not have to face the wrath of the excruciating workload and straining stress that greeted the rest of its IASAS counterparts upon their victorious returns.

Red Giuliano – Track & Field Captain of 2014

Either way, all athletes agreed that this trivial schedule change will not affect the way they play their game.  Graduating senior and track captain, Red Giuliano, states,

“I never wished for it to be during spring break, but I’m doing what I love, and there’s never a wrong time for doing what you love.”

Article by: DeeDee Aeschliman, 11
Photographs by: Ashley Miller, 12

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