Can Cars Grow on Trees?

Article by: Erin O’Reilly

When I was little, the first thing I pictured about the future was flying cars. Mercedes Benz has yet to progress to this level of innovation but has made leaping bounds in recent years in the development of cars. Money may be yet to grow on trees but Mercedes claims they’ve been working on ideas which allow their cars to literally grow on plants. In addition, they have included plans that allow this model to be by far the most environmentally friendly vehicle to exist. Scientists at Mercedes have discovered methods in which cars absorb energy from the sun, much like how solar panels work, and store the energy within a fluid infused in the car “BioNectar4534”. In addition, they claim that this model will never be found at a junkyard, as it will be built to be completely biodegradable. Benefits of this kind of car are seemingly infinite as it is customizable, clean, energy efficient, and as environmentally friendly as the current technology allows.

Unfortunately, with every new invention or discovery, there are downsides or limits. Various institutions and knowledgeable individuals have refuted Mercedes’ claims, claiming themselves that the technology required for this car does not yet exist. In addition, many are skeptical of the reality of this model, since in all publications of the plans there is minimal explanation on the method in which it will be carried out.

Although disputed, it is difficult to not be impressed by Mercedes’ progress in this field. If cars can grow on trees through customized “DNA”… what comes next?


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