Club Expo

Article by: Joseph Hadaway

On Wednesday, August 27th 2014, club expo will take place. This event is an opportunity for the schools expansive service, interest, cultural and arts club to advertise themselves to new students and underclassmen. Conversely, it also allows for the new students and underclassmen to introduce themselves to new people, discover new interests, and find a way to distract themselves from a High School student’s hectic life.

One of the many clubs participating in club expo is the Robotics Club. The robotics club, which plans to show off a variety of creations on the expo floor, including a newly built catapult robot, is, like all the other clubs, trying to expose more people to the craft that so many in ISM have already become infatuated with. According to Robotics President, Lucas Ramos, the robotics club is always looking for “new, fresh ideas”, a statement that has been verified again and again, as the robotics club has created projects ranging from hovercrafts to Fire Lord, a robot resembling Darth Vader that shoots out fire. Lucas also added that he would recommend new students and underclassmen to visit to the robotics club, so they can find out what their imagination can create.

Another club that is participating in club expo is SPECS-TECC. SPECS is one of the premier service clubs in ISM, and according to co-treasurer Angelo Manaloto, it “focuses on paying service to Manila’s street children. “SPECS-TECC also runs Saturday Service trips open to the entire ISM community that help aid SPECS in educating these children by involving them in activities like sports, technology, and arts and crafts.” Angelo recommends that new students and underclassmen join specs, because they are “a family of people who are genuinely passionate about service”.

These are only two of the many clubs in ISM that will be participating in Club Expo, so attend and maybe you too will find your place in the school, a new passion to enjoy, and new friends to share that passion with.

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