Three New Faces

Article by: Angelo Manaloto

Photographs by: Jinny Park

With a new year comes new faces – and the loveliest faces of all can be found in none other than the HS Guidance Office.

It’s not common to find an office woman who is a teen-at-heart, but that’s exactly what Tina Gabriel is. Not only does she have trouble staying away from RomComs, but she also crushes on celebrity Mark Ruffalo. Still unconvinced? The Lion King’s “Hakuna Matata” is the first movie quote that comes to her mind. Our new secretary started out in preschool, joking, “I wanted to see whether high schoolers were up to par with preschoolers.” Hopefully, we are!


Moving away from the front desk and you’ll find Janelle Grier, a devout yogi with the spirit animal of a cross between a wolf and an otter. She has definitely had her share of adventure; who else has seen a trailer truck flip over in the highway with watermelons pouring out of the top? Prior to joining us as a counselor, Ms Grier worked at the University of Minnesota, which has definitely made her wiser. When asked about the meaning of life, she responded that it was all about finding “personal truths.”


Last, but certainly not least, is Crystal Cappuccio. Originally from Seattle, Washington, she has worked all around the world, and yet, the most eccentric thing she’s ever eaten comes from home – the infamous Seattle Dog. She decided to become a counselor after her job at a bilingual school in Kuwait due to her profound belief that life is all about connections. When she’s not in her office, chances are, she’s boogie boarding. The epitome of a true YOLO-er, the most bizarre thing in her life, she claims, is the very “direction that life has taken [her]” – and we can’t be happier it has brought her to us.


This school year will be undoubtedly brighter with these three by our side. They will surely add character to our already unique guidance faculty so let’s make the best out of the time we have with them; don’t be strangers!


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