The New Musical: Blood Brothers

Article by: Isabel Quah

Photograph by: Matthew Seet

This week, auditions were officially over for this year’s HS production Blood Brothers, which is an adaptation of Willy Russell’s highly acclaimed musical of the same name. This musical follows the compelling story of twin brothers, Mickey and Edward, who are separated at birth, and eventually reunite by chance. Blissfully unaware of their kinship and despite belonging to opposite ends of the social spectrum, the brothers forge a heartwarming friendship. However, the story turns complicated as love and superstitious beliefs fuel the twists and turns that make this musical one heck of an emotional rollercoaster ride.

As a musical, this year’s production obviously brings with it a different set of expectations—especially in the musical realm—that may have convinced many that this isn’t their cup of tea. However, director Mrs. Hillman insists otherwise, happily relating that “all of [those who auditioned] thought that they lacked a certain quality to take on a lead in a musical but have proven themselves wrong” and thus encourages “other students to set aside the self-doubt and try something new.” A powerful testament to her words is the cast this year, which, according to Mrs. Hillman, consists of  “one lead who has never sung before, one who has never acted and another who has never even been on stage.”

As for the audition process itself, Junior Bernice delos Reyes relates that in addition to having to sing, “[they] also had to do improvisations that involved acting like kids and adults in order to see how [they] can show ‘growth’ in characters.” There was also a mixing and matching of students to look for ‘chemistry’–something unattempted in auditions of previous years. Bernice, who was also part of last year’s production, The Inspector General, compares last year’s audition process to this year’s, revealing that last year’s emphasis was on improvisational humour whereas this year’s was on character development and of course, to some extent, singing.

Though the audition process has only just ended, rehearsals are yet to begin and opening night is still a while away, this year’s production is highly anticipated, and will surely have the audience’s heartstrings in bundles by the raw emotion this production is bound to incite. Catch the opening night on October 9!


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