New Courts, New Regime?

Article by: Abhi Kottamasu

Photographs by: Yoonhee Tian

While the ISM’s students were enjoying summer, taking a much-needed break from studies and school-work, the school’s administration was busy. ISM recently revamped the HS and MS gyms by resurfacing the courts and installing new bleachers. However, one question that has been frequently posed by the student body is whether the new changes have actually made a difference.


Juliana Antonio of the girls varsity volleyball team stated that the new courts are beneficial to their training and volleyball match play, as the new surface is much bouncier compared to the surface previously used by the school. This makes it much easier for players to dive and jump, something that an average volleyball player is frequently required to do. Furthermore, George Petrucci said that even the improved aesthetic appeal of the courts has “the team more pumped than ever”. Considering that the ISM boys got silver in last year’s IASAS tournament, the new courts and home advantage could push the team to achieve even better results this season. Additionally, he said that the new courts indicate a fresh start to the year with one of the youngest varsity teams ISM has ever had (the team only has 2 seniors).

JohnJohn and Juliana also agree that the new courts are much better than the old ones as the lines are clearer and the color is lighter, making playing on the courts easier.

The new courts are very popular among the Bearcat volleyball players; however, only time can tell whether these new facilities will effectively aid the Bearcat volleyball teams in their quests for the IASAS gold medal.