Welcoming New Bearcats to Sports at ISM

Article by: Maia Paterno

Regardless of where you are in the world, the first day of school is always a daunting and intimidating experience for new students, especially for those trying out for first season sports. The nerves set in as the athletes are pressured to showcase their skills in hopes of making the varsity cut for the football, cross-country, or volleyball teams.

Mikheil, a freshman, recently made the football varsity team and is now working hard to make the next round of IASAS (Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asian Schools) cuts. He is also excited to try out for rugby in the second season despite his being new to the sport; but for now, Mikheil promises to keep focused on football and aims to keep fit for the upcoming United Football League season. Mikheil feels that this year’s varsity boys have a real fighting chance to make a mark at IASAS, as they are strong, both mentally and physically. The boys’ goal is to win IASAS this year and Mikheil says, “I have a strong feeling we’ll be able to do that.”

Junior cross-country athlete, Ethan Fleming, spoke of his experience running for ISM.  He feels that the cross-country training in ISM is different to that of his previous school, as the focus is more on speed as opposed to hill training. He said he is excited for the season and hopes his team fares well at IASAS.  He has high hopes for the team as he says there are “very good coaches here”.

Similarly, Maddie, a senior from Virginia, states that she is very excited to be part of the varsity girls football team and to have opportunities she didn’t get in her old school, such as playing on a turf field and being able to travel internationally for IASAS. She says that she’s planning on trying out for touch rugby in hopes of experiencing new things and making the most of her time here in Manila.

It’s always exciting to welcome  new students to ISM, especially in sports. Whether it’s first season, second season, third season, or a year-round sport, teams always hope for new players who can help them contend for a medal at IASAS. This year’s crop of new students definitely give the Bearcats the added talent and motivation to go for gold.