Service Over the Summer

Article by: Gitika Bose

Summer is the time for people to enjoy and relax. Ask any regular teenager what “summer” means to him, and he might associate it with sunbathing on the beach, hanging out with friends, or catching up with some sleep. While all this is truly fun, what if he put brightening up a young child’s day on his summer agenda?

Community service is something close to the hearts of all Bearcats, as being involved in different service projects helps to flourish the Bearcat spirit. From ICARE to Saturday Service Trips, there are so many serviced-based opportunities for students to participate in. During such trips, ISM Bearcats never fail to deliver their full dedication and effort in helping the school’s service partners. In fact, for many this dedication to service carries over to the summer.

A junior, Seth Hiranand, spent his summer working with the Habitat for Humanity Youth Council. When asked about his experience, he said, “The experience was enjoyable. It makes me smile to see how we can impact lives in such a great way!” Proving that even amidst the relaxing summers, service never fails to spread happiness.

Many other students, such as Ellice Tordesillas, a senior who volunteered at the Philippine General Hospital and Lukas Fiechter, a sophomore who helped educate families in rural Bohol, have also taken summer as an opportunity to carry out new service projects. Similarly, freshman, Finnian Morrison organized several fundraisers over the summer, earning a total of over 1000 USD to purchase computers for an orphanage.  She elaborated that “the project took over 300 hours of work, and involved a multitude of passionate people”.

Furthermore, ISM service clubs also stayed active during the summer. SPECS-TEC, led by Bearcats Reine Mendoza and Bernice De Los Reyes, worked hard all of early June to late July to plan for their endeavors for the next school year. Over the summer, they visited the different SPECS sites, brainstormed potential ideas for their new members, and held meetings with the rest of their council.

ISM boasts many service-oriented individuals and organizations, and the Bearcat community is privileged to have such altruistic and motivated individuals . Bearcats acknowledge the importance of service in today’s world and, strive to help those in need. There is no doubt that an ISM Bearcat would include service as a priority on his summer checklist!