The Service Learning Council and their “Do More” Campaign

Article by: Jiwon Cyhn

Photograph by: Sienna Hagedorn

ISM, a school that values service greatly, often holds many Saturday service trips that are dedicated to giving back to the local community. In order to expand and promote service, this year’s Service Learning Council (SLC) has revamped its objective for school-wide service promotion to further its “Do More” campaign.

Bianca Jimenez, last year’s SLC president, created the “Do More” campaign in order to encourage students to be more involved with the local community. This year’s SLC will follow the same principle, but with a few changes. One main change that will take place is the enhanced use of electronic media, such as Bamboo Telegraph and Facebook. Jiwon Cyhn, SLC PRO, explains that the council “will share more information about activities so that students can get an idea about the club beforehand and will have ample time to participate”. SLC also plans to use more posters, videos, and media for increased advertisement around campus. Bernice Delos Reyes, this year’s president, comments that the club plans on using such forms of advertising in order “to encourage students to serve, by showing the fun and creative side of service.”

SLC has also decided to better involve its service partners with ISM. For example, one of its service partners, Berdesaco, now has merchandise available in the Bearcat Den. Moreover, SLC has strengthened its relationship with Estancia, which is a service site outside Manila. Estancia is now one of the ICARE (International Community Actively Responding to the Environment) sites; thus, students now have the chance to become even further involved. Bernice has also mentioned the possibility of having guest speakers who are heavily involved with service to inspire the club members. SLC has also taken upon itself to support last year’s calamity, Typhoon Haiyan, and will continue to manage the disaster relief fund.

As returning members of SLC, Bernice Delos Reyes and Mariel Guzman have pledged their commitment and will make sure to use the experience they have garnered to better this year’s new council. Mariel Guzman mentions that being part of last year’s council really gave her “the opportunity to become familiar with everything and see all the work that SLC does.” She also adds, “Now that I know about the protocols of the different events we oversee, like the Saturday Service trips and other projects, I’m now more confident and prepared to ensure that SLC progresses.”

With two returning members and fresh, new faces in this year’s council, SLC hopes to further their projects and events and make better use of electronic media. Through projects such as its sustainability fund and “Do More” campaign, SLC hopes to ensure positive service experiences and encourage everyone to get involved in giving back to the community.

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