The National Art Honor Society (NAHS)

Article by: Ayla Ahmed

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Although only formally established this year, the National Art Honor Society (NAHS) has already earned a reputation as a highly prestigious club in ISM. As a society based simultaneously on service and art, NAHS organizes events ranging from Family Fun Day to the annual Art Auction. But, the process of getting the club up and running was no easy feat, as Junior and NAHS President Sarah Kim reveals: without her inquisitiveness on pre-existing art clubs, NAHS would never have existed. Having just moved to the Philippines from Korea, Sarah Kim seeked information through her counselor on whether there was a National Arts Honor Society at ISM. Having a big passion for the arts, Sarah decided to create one with the help of advisor Ms. Stephanie Dodd. However, following a discussion with Mr.Brown, they were told that they had to first form another club that focused on aims similar to those of NAHS to prove that there was an adequate number of passionate and adept art students at ISM to show that the society would be both sustainable and successful in the future. Thus, the Visual Arts Club (VAC) was created with an open membership to any art and non-art students in highschool. Sarah states that “Facebook and social media played a key role in spreading awareness of VAC”, and that “many of the students at ISM enjoy art in all forms really boosted the success of the club.” Through this, NAHS was successfully formed to consist many of the most talented and zealous artists.

NAHS aims to create awareness and promote the arts department through its core missions to share the love and appreciation for art. Some rigorous requirements that applicants for NAHS must fulfill are that that they must have been enrolled in an art class for at least two years of high school and maintain an A- in IB art. Regardless of the rigid entrance requirements, the honor society is accredited for being a hub to surround students with other “equally as gifted and passionate artists”, as said by NAHS member Jenny Kim. Not only are they able to collaborate with other art students with various art mediums, but NAHS members also have the opportunity to beautify the school through murals for all students and faculty to enjoy.