Printing: Now More Fun In ISM

Article by: Lucas Ramos

Photograph by: Clara Shin

In this new school year, one of the numerous enhancements installed in ISM is its refurbished printing system in the High School library. Gone is the hassle of logging on to a library computer or emailing the librarians, as now it is possible to print from the convenience of one’s own computer. However, as is the case whenever new systems are introduced, many people are skeptical: How difficult is it to learn the new system? Is it better than what we had in previous years? Worry not, as in my experience, the system is sound and is both more efficient and less difficult than any prior systems.


The system is a lot simpler than it looks. Despite the number of steps that appear in the instructions sent to each student (Fortunately, the original instructions were wrong and have since been updated), after getting past the clunky registration process and odd website URL, the process is easy: files that need to be printed just have to be uploaded online. The whole process is intuitive; after uploading files online, you are given a printer job code, which you would simply input to get your print out. The process is significantly more streamlined, because the payment is charged to students’ IDs, and thus there is no need to have coins as change. With the webpage within easy access in your browser and ID in hand, printing at ISM has never been easier.

Despite the nifty new features and conveniences, it seems that most students do not want to make the change quite yet. I once overheard a Sophomore request to a teacher to print using his printer because he “didn’t want to learn how to use the new system.” However, for others, it does show promise. One senior especially likes the idea of using our own computer, as “the library computers take forever to boot up.” In my personal experience, if a student can get past the one-time difficulties of learning the process and creating an account, he would realize how easy it is; definitely better than anything prior.

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