8 Apps that Will Make Your School Life Easier:

School life in ISM is one that can be characterized in three ways; a satisfying amount of service, a whole lot of Bearcat Spirit and an influx of school work. In today’s society, you can have your whole life perfectly organized on your tablets and smartphones, a simple and easy way to balance your school life.  Here are 10 apps that will surely pave your way to success at ISM:



1. Flashcards+

Simplicity is key. Although there are already a lot of flashcard apps that are available for smartphones, nothing beats Flashcards+. Not only does it have access to pre-existing decks made by students on Quizlet and the ability to talk in dozens of different languages, but it also excludes the fuss that all other flashcard apps currently have.


(Photograph from: http://www.ikidapps.com/2011/02/best-apps-for-students-headed-back-to-school.html)



2. iProcrastinate

Procrastination is in the every-day vocabulary of an average high-school student. What better way to organize your life than using an app that acknowledges this problem? iProcrastinate is available for your desktop, smartphone and tablet and organizes your to-do list based on its priority and subject.


(Photograph from: http://www.appannie.com/apps/ios/app/iprocrastinate/)



3. OmniGraphSketcher

PPCs, Supply and Demand curves infest the lives of all the IB Economics students. OmniGraphSketcher is the perfect desktop application to create the simplest and most eye-pleasing graphs for your next Econ paper.


(Photograph from: http://www.omnigroup.com/omnigraphsketcher)



4. Graphing Calculator

We’ve all forgotten our TI’s at some point in our high-school life. Graphing calculator is the life-saving app that not only has the ability to graph multiple equations but also prevents us from being called-out in class.

Graphing Calculator

(Photograph from: http://www.appannie.com/apps/ios/app/graphing-calculator-hd/)



5. To Bed

As a student, sleep is one thing that we always seem to sacrifice. We can get so lost in work that time often slips through our hands. The app called “To Bed” serves as a friendly reminder for us to treat ourselves to a few hours of well-deserved sleep.


(Photograph from: http://appadvice.com/review/to-bed-will-make-sure-you-dont-forget-to-hit-the-sack)



6. The Chemical Touch

Chemistry is one of the most complex subjects one ever has to encounter. The Chemical Touch, is a simple app that gives you access everything you need to know about the elements.


(Photograph from: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/the-chemical-touch/id288060442?mt=8)



7. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a renowned app that has everything you need to know about Mathematics, which can definitely help you out when you miss a day or two in class. It presents formula details, graphs and simple step-by-step explanation and alternative methods for solving problems.


(Photograph from: http://www.ikidapps.com/2011/02/best-apps-for-students-headed-back-to-school.html)



8. Digg

School has a way of taking over our entire life. Sometimes it’s nice to just step-away and keep in touch with the world around us. Digg Free is the perfect app to get the latest news.


(Photograph from: http://www.nilephones.com/2013/08/download-digg-app-for-android-for-free.html)