BOB in 4 Different Colors

Article By: Daniel Jachim


Every year, at the Battle of the Bearcats (BOB), high school students gather to compete, cheer, and show off the fine apparel they produced. Preparations are now in full swing as BOB is rapidly approaching. Everyone is anticipating this dynamic event, which will be held on September 18th, and is definitely ready to give it all they’ve got.

The freshmen, despite having to wear the ever so unpopular yellow are very optimistic about the upcoming event. Thriving on gossip, one student described BOB as “crazy and loud” and added that although the freshmen may lack in ability, they make up for it in their spirit.

Next up, the sophomores, have chosen “Spartans” as their official theme. True to this, Jeffrey Bui chose the word “battle” to sum up BOB. Surely, the class of 2017 will be channeling their inner Spartans in this year’s BOB.

Moving on, are the juniors. The juniors are a special case, as they are able to pick a color and a theme. This year, an overwhelming 80% of the grade voted for turquoise, dispelling the other contenders of brown, orange, neon, and pink. Many of them fondly remember when the juniors tied with the seniors back in 2012, and are hoping for a repetition of this legendary outcome. “No question, we’re gonna win,” replied John Hadaway, when asked about the outcome. “Our grade’s spirit is unparalleled.”

 Finally, we have the seniors, some of whom have spent years preparing for this event. Their theme, which is kept a secret, will undoubtedly surprise all of the underclassmen, who will be astonished by their amazing entrance. Evidently, three years of BOB have prepared the seniors well for the exciting event and the class of 2015 are eager to win the trophy, as something to remember when they graduate.

 Regardless of experience, each grade is extremely motivated in participating in the race towards the trophy. But only one grade may emerge victorious. Good luck to all the grades, and may the best batch win!