Article by: Mae Kirkpatrick

IMG_8864Photographs by: Mild Chawalitanon

When it comes to keeping students hooked as they drag themselves to school, ISM never disappoints in producing new reasons for excitement, especially when it comes to food. With the coming of a new school year, improvements have taken place not only in the academic and sports facilities, but also in the cafeteria. Adjacent to Piadina stands a brand new concessionaire: Ju Ju Eats. Over the first few weeks of school, Ju Ju Eats has been seemingly popular amongst the students, despite the consistently long lines. According to the Ju Ju Eats website, their wide selection of greens, pastas, salads, wraps and juices allows everyone to pick and choose their lunch. In comparison to other vendors such as Piadina or Allegro, Ju Ju Eats offers healthier, while still tasty, options for only a small increase in price. In fact, the food ranges from prices of 95 php to 200 php, with drink options ranging from 50 php to 165 php. Some of their more popular dishes are the Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap and the ‘Ay Caramba!’ Wrap, which incorporate both nutrition and taste. In addition, their juices claim to boost health in different ways. The three most popular juices are the ‘Red Giant’, which helps with your liver and stamina, the ‘Alkazest,’ which boosts energy and replenishes electrolytes, and lastly, the ‘Qcumber quench’, which is said to increase radiance, enhance kidneys, and lower blood pressure.

In the ISM community, there were mixed responses regarding the new store. Sophomore, Sophia Eduque said that she “liked the juices, but they were a little too expensive”. PE Teacher, Ms. Howarth added that “the selection was good, but not enough food for the price.” However, Art Teacher, Ms. Dodd was “surprised at how good Ju Ju Eats was.” Pleased with the quality of the food, she added that she would definitely recommend the Caesar salad to those eager to try Ju Ju Eats. Although many students such as Sophomore, Elise Malvicini said she wouldn’t try it because of “the extremely long lines,” Ms. Dodd felt that the “ready made foods meant you didn’t have to wait for anything to be made” and therefore the lines went by fast.

Despite some of the negative response regarding the price, overall, a majority of high school students found JuJu Eats to be a successful add to the cafeteria. Lately, Ju Ju Eats has shown to be a good competitor amongst the other numerous food options at the canteen, and for those students on a search for a healthier meal, Ju Ju Eats is definitely something to try out.

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