Article by: Emmy Nam

Transitioning from middle school to high school is undoubtedly a large step in a student’s life. The 8th graders, who were previously at the top of middle school, slide down to the bottom of the high school food chain, which can certainly be a terrifying experience. However, becoming high school students unquestionably allow the freshmen to find their true selves as they learn to navigate through new clubs, new friends, and finally, their newfound independence.

Nastasha Karlsson, a freshman this year, conveyed that she was “afraid of entering high school because of the extra work, extra pressure, and time management.” However, she added that she was still looking forward to play for the varsity soccer team. Similarly, Bianca Antonio, Freshmen Council President, expressed that she is “both scared and excited for high school.” She said that she was frightened because “everything seems different” but was excited for Battle of the Bearcats and volleyball season. Additionally, being a younger sibling, she found that being able to see her older sibling around the school hallways had its benefits.

Unlike this year’s freshmen, current sophomores expressed that last year, they had no idea what to do, and were more scared by the upperclassmen than the workload. Paulina Karlsson, sister of Natasha Karlsson, expressed that on the first day of school she had, “no idea what to expect, what the classes were like, where to go, or where to sit.” However, she affirmed that after a couple of months, she got used to the system and that “high school didn’t feel much different from middle school and that it was just like taking a step up a staircase.” Also, the current Public Relations Officer, Jeffrey Bui, stated that he feared the upperclassmen the most, because they were “big and scary,” but noted that he particularly enjoyed having break time after his first block.

Moving up from middle school is not an easy task, as some fear the new adventures and responsibilities, while others fear the social activities. In order to lift this sense of apprehension, it is imperative that upperclassmen take initiative and welcome the freshmen. So if you’re an upperclassmen, stop and help out a frightened freshmen; if you’re a freshmen get the courage to say hi to an upperclassmen… they’re not as scary as they look!

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