iCampus in ISM

Article by: Kyle Kim

Photos by: Jinny Park

Imagine a technology hub that is able to demonstrate all the programs, tweaks and services of Apple; a hub that also doubles as a store, and carries a vast range of products from the most basic peripherals such as earphones to the best hardware such as laptops. And more importantly, a student-friendly Mac store located at your vicinity. Combine these three aspects and the result is none other than iCampus, located here at ISM.

iCampus is located at a complex near the Fine Arts Theater. As soon as one walks into iCampus, one can find a display of different types of Apple laptops and desktops that are free for students to use and explore. Here, not only can students explore the actual products with their own hands and eyes, but also compare and contrast devices that iCampus displays against those that are shown in other commercial brands. Students can use this information to determine what might be most helpful to them for school projects.


Of course, there needs to be a reasonable affordability for the devices for the students. Fortunately, iCampus is an Apple company-registered educational division, which means that its purpose is to educate. Thus, the prices of the devices that are provided by iCampus have a student discount in contrast to the regular market price.

The benefits of this Apple division do not end here. iCampus is able to fix Apple products and repair them anytime. The store has professionals that are very knowledgeable about all Apple devices. All one needs to do is to go to the store and ask the technicians to diagnose one’s device. The technicians will always be in the store during school operating hours (7:30am-5:00 pm), which means that one can frequently check and estimate the time the device will be fixed. Fortunately, no matter the severity of the problem, the technicians in iCampus can diagnose it, as they can even send the device to another Apple division in worst-case scenarios.

These benefits wouldn’t matter if any of the students did not appreciate iCampus. Fortunately, there is a general consensus that without iCampus, there is no haven for laptop repair. For example, Sophomore Jess Cuadro says that the iCampus “provides a variety of useful products at a more affordable price.” Yet others, such as another Sophomore Shin Yee Tan, think that iCampus is a “life-saver for all the times I broke my laptop.” So take a peek; go to the iCampus and explore the devices, enjoy the affordability, and diagnose any malfunctioning devices! After all, it’s ISM’s very own Mac store, available exclusively in our community.