6 Delicious and Nutritious Meals You’ll Find in the Canteen:

For an ISM student, lunch can either be the worst or the best time of the day. A 40-minute period that not only signifies the halfway mark between the start and end of school, but an opportunity for various clubs to call in meetings every so often. We’ve all come across a day when club photoshoots, meetings or guidance appointments have overlapped and luckily, our canteen offers a variety of food and drinks that will surely satisfy your hunger and provide you with the right nutrients to get you through the day. Here are 6 delicious and nutritious meals to satisfy all your cravings.


1. Chicken/Beef Enchilada:

With the choice of either Chicken or Beef, this Mexican-infused meal is definitely set to fill you up. Not only is it drowning in cheese but it also comes with a free cup of Iced Tea!



2. Tonkatsu

We’ve all had a sudden craving for Yabu’s Tonkatsu and Asian Express provides us with the best alternative to satisfy our pork cutlet cravings. For just over 170 pesos, this meal is perfect for athletes looking for energy to get them through training.

IMG_2179 (2)


3. Pizza

They say that Pizza isn’t good for the body, but it sure is good for your soul. Delicious and easy to eat, this is your go-to meal for a quick snack.

IMG_2184 (2)


4. Mongolian

Right in the heart of Yogi Chef, this dish serves as the best example of a balanced meal. With it’s right amount vegetables, protein and carbs, this cheap and portable meal is perfect to bring to a lunch meeting.

IMG_2185 (2)


5. Chicken Set Meal

For just 100 pesos, the Chicken Set available in Yogi Chef is the best meal to get you going and keep you smiling through the day.

IMG_2176 (3)


6. Bacon Fried Rice

We all love Bacon. What better way to satisfy this craving than with Urban Chef’s Bacon Fried Rice? This pre-cooked meal not only boasts a short waiting time, but also ranks as one of the best priced selections on the ISM menu.

IMG_2178 (2)

(Photographs by: Soungjin Yang)