First Taste of ISM Service

Article by: Gitika Bose

Each year, ISM welcomes numerous students who have come from all around the globe. However, our new students not only differ in where they’re from, but also have varying personalities. We are greeted with an abundance of different traits: clever, athletic, kind, caring, sweet, the list goes on. One of the many great things that new students are exposed to early on is the importance of service at ISM. New students will realize that to be Bearcats and embrace the Bearcat spirit, they should help and give back to the community. Fortunately, some of our new students have already gotten a chance to experience the joy of giving and interacting with our local community.

Since service is such a vital part of ISM, students are given so many opportunities to take action and get involved with service. Matilda Makkonen, a Bearcat in the making says that “ISM has done great work in making service a big part of students’ responsibilities and extra-curricular activities.” She also mentions how “service is made very fun for students with all the service clubs and Saturday services.” These Saturday service trips and service clubs have definitely allowed for new students to have fun with kids, and mainly to really help give back to the community.

On August 30th, ISM Service Learning Council helped new students get involved with the community by hosting a Saturday service trip. “I really enjoyed it, it was really fun being able to connect with the kids”, says junior Kate Watkins. Katie also adds how amazing it is to be “able to do [her] part to help, especially living in the Philippines where there is such a massive class divide.” Another junior, Crystalle Kei Foley, had similar thoughts, saying that the Saturday service trip was “a great experience, as [she] got to meet new people and play with the kids.”

There is so much to learn and many things one can do for the Philippine community. Hopefully all the new students will find their places within ISM and contribute to further expand and promote the idea of service. Their ideas, suggestions, and contributions are always appreciated and welcomed. While service is 90% giving back, 10% of it is also about growing as an individual and developing oneself.