Joining the Twitter Sphere

Article By: Josh Tan

Photographs by: Ji Young Kim

Refresh, scroll. Refresh, scroll. With this habitual clicking of addicted tweeters , there is no question as to why parents see Twitter as a distraction for their children. ISM and other schools picked up on this distracting  trend as well, blocking the site from school servers. That is, until last year.

Twitter easily glues its users to the screen by flooding them with up to date news. However, what older generations fail to appreciate is that Twitter is actually a great tool for relaying information, especially for the younger generation. Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 4.49.45 PMJust last year, ISM decided to allow students to access Twitter and set up an official account to be able communicate with its students more effectively. In the past year, the account has been a source of different forms of media associated with the school to promote school events, such as Club Expo, ICARE, Battle of the Bands and IASAS. Finally, not only is this used for the school’s internal communications, but as observed by Mrs. Duell, it also “lets other schools know about (ISM) and what we are doing; basically (telling) our story from our own perspective.”

“Why unblock Twitter and not Facebook ?” one may ask. As explained by Mr. Hoover, “Facebook is relatively private, whereas Twitter is almost entirely public.” He believes that “Facebook is designed as a method of communicating with family and friends”, whereas Twitter is, “more geared towards [reaching] professionals and sharing news.” Mr. Collett, one of the tech advisers of the school, even hopes that Google+ will soon be the school’s version of Twitter as a “network for sharing things that are school related,” even if it may never replace people’s preferred networks.

As the school year progresses, ISM wishes to expand its audience on Twitter for it only has 324 followers out of a potential 1,000. To do so, the school has been campaigning fScreen Shot 2014-09-06 at 11.42.21 AMor the use of Twitter to access data only available on the ISM page, such as the entertaining teacher selfies. As Mrs. Duell puts it, “students LOVE it when principals and teachers engage with them on Twitter.” One of the most popular photos on twitter is that of Mr Dickinson, the High School Vice Principal, who took selfies with students during the end of year exams, while they were hard at work. Twitter has definitely taken great leaps at ISM recently, putting smiles on students’ faces and letting them know of what is going on in ism through