Facebookism: Facebook within the ISM Community

Article by: Joyce Chen

Social networking plays a large role in adolescents’ lives; it has always been a tool for us to express our ideas and find out about other people’s interests. Among all the social networking sites, Facebook remains the most popular, with a user number as large as eight hundred million.

Undoubtedly, Facebook has allowed us to strengthen our connections with other people and contact our friends from all over the world at ease. Its user-friendly settings range from birthday reminders and friend suggestions to even video chatting with friends. These settings have allowed us to get to know other people more, make new friends, and entertain ourselves.

Being an avid user of Facebook myself, I think our school life heavily relies on communication through Facebook. Almost all of ISM’s various organizations and clubs have made Facebook groups in order to reach their members. ISSBA and class councils have made groups to share information with us; ISM students have created accounts such as ISM compliments to brighten students’ days; and even the guidance office has a page to post announcements for us! To quote a senior student (who wished to remain unnamed), “Our school lives would definitely be incomplete without Facebook.”

Though Facebook may serve as a bridge connecting us all together, there seems to be a consensus that Facebook may be a distraction to our generation. According to the Huffington Post, critics of Facebook claim that Facebook “is a worldwide distraction and obsession that amounts to nothing except for significant amounts of time wasted”. Surely, at the end of the day, we may have chatted to a friend who just graduated from university, or liked a picture of this girl in her new dress, but we haven’t really done anything meaningful during the hours that we are on Facebook.

Another negative aspect of Facebook is its stalklike uses. People who don’t know you at all may still be able to access your information, such as the school you go to, your email address, and even your cellphone number. On top of all that, by looking at your photos and friends, strangers would be able to know you completely without you knowing it. This is certainly a very dangerous thing, especially for affluent students.

Overall, Facebook is undeniably a very essential thing in for us students to socialize, but at the same time, it is important for us to manage our time on Facebook well, and understand the importance of limiting the information we put online.