Article by: Lucas Ramos

Photos by: Maxine Alindogan

Our school offers a host of different clubs to join and participate in, with such variety that there is one to suit the interests of every kind of person. One club that is currently lesser known is the Minecraft club. While it may seem like a rather secluded place, it is in fact a place that wishes to use the world of Minecraft for others, whether as an event in Battle of the Bands or as a tool to teach Middle and Elementary school students basic academic concepts.


First and foremost, the club is about having fun. It currently offers two worlds for anyone in ISM to participate in. One is the survival world, with a focus on player interaction. In this world, players, simply put, try to survive. In a multiplayer game of survival, people tend to work together to achieve a common goal. Whether it is creating the same fortress to prepare for the night-time or a coordinated attack against a common boss, Minecraft is able to teach the basis of teamwork. If that does not happen, things can fall apart very quickly. As the secretary of the Minecraft Club Nick Schluter says, “Currently, there is a lot of activity happening on the server, especially where people are able to trade resources and materials to be better equipped to survive.” Due to the beneficial modifications of the game that prevent players from unilaterally destroying each other’s bases with destructive TNT, this server is a great place to learn cooperation.

Another server that ISM hosts with a different focus is the Creative server. As its name suggests, the aim of the server is to let people’s imaginations flow, allowing them to construct anything they would like. As Minecraft truly gives one the power to create, the structures in this world could be anything from Castles and landscapes to anything your heart desires. This server allows for beautiful creations, but it also allows for practical ones: as Jamie Campos, the treasurer, describes, “The creative server allows us to demonstrate Redstone, the electricity of Minecraft. We can make calculators and demonstrate how it works to children.” Creative mode has a diversity of uses, making it an important component of the club.


As detailed above, the Minecraft club is readily equipped to promote a lot of things, even service! As Xavi Ablaza, the President says, “We intend to begin to use our Minecraft server as a way of teaching simple arithmetic to Elementary school students. This should provide them a fun environment to hone their basic skills.” As Minecraft club becomes more established as a club, its scope will expand, and potentially in the future it will be one of the larger clubs for which ISM is known.

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