Article by: Angelo Manaloto

Video by: Ben Carden, Jaime Jalandoni, Jeanne Dee

Do you ever come across those types of events where you’d expect hundreds of high school students to show up, but then comes the day, only a mere handful actually do? We all have. And particularly relevant to this week – I guess we can all say – is the enigmatic College Talk.

These college talks are sessions where individuals representing select universities come to International School Manila (ISM) to give brief talks regarding admission processes, as well as to entertain questions that students may have regarding the university.

 So, we’ve all of heard of them, but what are they really? Are they useful or not? Do they give us deeper insight or merely reinforce what we already know? And lastly, should we go to them at all? To answer these questions, we picked the minds of a number of our Junior and Senior students. After interviewing, I’ve concluded that there are 3 types of students: The Appreciative, The Incisive, and The Forgetful.

The Appreciative One is the student who welcomes the College Talk with open arms and open eyes. One student tells us that these talks are really important, as they help us “gauge the kind of college we want to go to”. College is a huge,  a “4-year commitment” he says, “therefore it’s important that we utilize all the things at our disposal”. Another student, currently in senior year, comments on how he believes that they are extremely useful, as they provide the student a “direct link” to the college itself, therefore it only makes sense that we make the most of each session. He adds that “It’s wise to maximize each college talk, as most of our knowledge about the college is taken from the internet.”

The Incisive One offers us students another way to reflect on ourselves as individuals. Aparna Mohan, a junior says that she is a bit more conscious of the ones she attends, as college admissions are very unpredictable, which makes it comparable to a “lottery” where anything can happen. With this said, it is her personal opinion that her “time is better spent focusing on the present” and being the best she can be as opposed to diving into the inescapable anxiety that comes with thinking about college. Incisive words indeed. Ironically, however, it was a recent college talk given by Dr. Michael Thompson that gave her such a perspective!

 Lastly, The Forgetful One is the student that needs no introduction. It’s lunch time. He’s hungry. It’s the end of lunch. And you guessed it – he forgot.

 So, which type of student do you identify with? Still uncertain? Well, you can always go to a College Talk with an open mind!

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