Top 5 Best Baby/Teen Photos of ISM Teachers

Compiled by: Jinny Park

The most precious time for each person, without any doubt, is his or her childhood. The reminiscence of childhood has its own kind of nostalgia and the charms of it can never be forgotten, which have perpetual impressions on one’s life. Here is a little sneak peak into the childhood of some of our teachers. Try to guess which young face below belongs to your favorite teacher!

1. This teacher is well-known for his funky dishevelled-looking hair and his appealing British accent.


2. This lady is known as one of the prettiest teachers at ISM as well as the teacher with the most beautiful smile. 🙂


3. This teacher is known for having one of the most entertaining english classes!


4. We all know him as the kindhearted and caring counselor as well as one of the most athletic tennis coaches here at ISM!


5. A special quote from the teacher: “I used to have hair!”



1. Mr. Hall

2. Ms. Maz

3. Mr. Curry

4. Mr. Ayling

5. Mr. Birchenall