New Teacher Profiles

Article by: Kamilla Jamal

Video by: Nik Puno, Carl Stray, Myles Rublee

This year, ISM welcomes 7 new teachers to our High School faculty. Coming from different places all around the world, these new bearcats teach a wide variety of subjects. Our newest additions to our ISM community include Mr. Aitken, Ms. Arrieta, Mr. Bobisse, Ms. Ghadimi, Mr. Hall, Ms. Hartley, and Mr. Vithayathil.

We know that getting to know new teachers can be slightly intimidating, so Bamboo Telegraph did the ISM community a favour by sitting down with each teacher and getting to know them! Below is a profile of each new teacher in a nutshell.

First up is Mr. Aitken, our new social studies teacher. Coming from Beijing, China, he teaches History and Economics up on the 3rd floor.

PREVIOUSLY TAUGHT IN: China (with Mr. Winters), South Korea, Mexico, Taiwan, Scotland and the US.

HIS TEACHER-FRIENDS: Mr. Winters, Mr. Hall and Mr. V

ADVICE FOR FRESHMEN: Take opportunities outside the classroom to get involved in something that you find a passion for

ADVICE FOR SENIORS: Don’t let your senior year go by without spending time with your friends and family

FAVOURITE TV SHOW: He doesn’t really watch TV, but he loves supporting Liverpool in the English Premier League!

FAVOURITE FOOD: Anything with a lot of flavour


UNKNOWN FACT: When he was a kid, he used to drive to school in a cadillac, accompanied by two Tibetan princesses!

Next is Ms. Arieta, one of our new strings teachers.

WHAT SHE LOVES MOST ABOUT ISM: The people are wonderful and very supportive. And unless you know who’s who, you would never be able to tell the upper management from the rest.

ADVICE FOR FRESHMEN: Enjoy every single day of your high school life.

ADVICE FOR SENIORS: Take risks and don’t be afraid to fail. But if you do, just take it as a challenge… challenge to become even better.


FAVOURITE FOOD: Tonkotsu Ramen

PET PEEVE: The noise people make when they rub their fingers on balloons.

UNKNOWN FACT: She dips her pizza crust in coke. It’s super tasty!

Hailing from his native country of Italy, Mr. Bobisse is ISM’s other new strings teacher.


HIS TEACHER-FRIENDS: He doesn’t have time to hang out; he just founded a children’s orchestra!


ADVICE FOR FRESHMEN: Attitude is very important; without attitude, you can’t have success in school.

ADVICE FOR SENIORS: This school is preparing us very well for university. Don’t only focus on one thing—be open-minded.

FAVOURITE TV SHOW: Doesn’t watch TV.

FAVOURITE FOOD: Anything Italian… but besides that, he loves Pancit Canton!

PET PEEVE: Those who don’t give respect

UNKNOWN FACT: In his spare time, he is teaching music to the poor street children of Manila.

She may not be a teacher, but Ms. Ghadimi, the new intern, has definitely made an impact here at ISM.


WHAT SHE LOVES MOST ABOUT ISM: ISM is just generally a very good school

ADVICE FOR FRESHMEN: Work hard and read

ADVICE FOR SENIORS: Don’t stress, just take care of your work and get it done

FAVOURITE TV SHOW: Parks & Recreation


PET PEEVE: Ignorance

UNKNOWN FACT: She loves baseball


The next teacher is Mr. Hall. You’ve probably seen him around school, because, let’s face it, with that afro, he’s kind of difficult to miss. But, there IS more to him than his hairdo!

PREVIOUSLY TAUGHT IN: Several private schools around London

WHERE DOES HE HANG OUT? Not anywhere definite yet, but he does love the Cubao expo!

HIS TEACHER-FRIENDS: Mr. Relf, Mr. Aitken, Mr. Malik

WHAT HE LOVES MOST ABOUT ISM: Great resources and great kids!

ADVICE FOR FRESHMEN: Get organised, you have 4 difficult years ahead of you but try and maintain some balance

ADVICE FOR SENIORS: Make sure the final year counts and put all of your effort in. Think carefully about the course you want to do in University and where you would want to do it.


FAVOURITE FOOD: Middle Eastern cuisine

PET PEEVE: People who claim they can multi-task

UNKNOWN FACT: He looks like Belgian footballer Marouane Fellaini… but perhaps that’s not an unknown fact!


Her classroom is located all the way in Siberia… or some of you might know it as the film lab. Ms. Hartley is actually not a new teacher, she has actually been at ISM for the last 4 years—as the art leader in ES!

PREVIOUSLY TAUGHT IN: Germany, London, Indonesia

HER TEACHER-FRIENDS: Ms. Thompson & Ms. Roselip

WHAT SHE LOVES MOST ABOUT ISM: There’s “always something happening”

ADVICE FOR FRESHMEN: Try and enjoy high school and be balanced

ADVICE FOR SENIORS: Don’t overthink high school, just get it done. It’s easy to procrastinate but just focus on school because you’re almost done with it!

FAVOURITE TV SHOW: Masterchef Australia


PET PEEVE: Rude people

UNKNOWN FACT: She is scared of ants!

Well, that is all you need to know about the newest Bearcats. If anything, these interviews have proven that teachers are people too, so don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with them!