The Widespread Use of the TI nspire

Article By: Kyle Kim

Illustration BySung Hee Bae

A derivative product of the educationally recognized TI-84+ calculator by Texas Instruments, the TI Nspire Non-CAS Edition is a phenomenal calculator created to appeal to students who have not yet tried advanced scientific calculators. The technological benefits that highlight the TI nspire are its rechargeable batteries, LCD backlit screen, desktop mannered apps, a touch screen clickpad and faster graphing capabilities. With a price of 175$ compared to 151$ of the TI-84+ calculator, it is truly a viable alternative for consumers.

Although the TI Nspire may look like the holy grail to the studies of students, it is difficult for it to be implemented into the ISM educational system. In terms of math courses, the TI Nspire requires a lot of work in order to clear the memory and ensure all data is erased before a test. This mass array of steps is completely different from the simple press of few buttons required to do the same in the TI-84+.

In addition, the deviation from the traditional steps in solving various problems in the TI Nspire adds to the complexity. The steps to various operations in the TI-84+ is universally recognized. It is no wonder that ISM’s high school mathematics curriculum revolves around the usage of specifically the TI-84+ calculator due to its ease of use. Even the IB has strongly recommended the TI-84+ Calculator for the sciences and mathematics for its simplicity.

The TI-84+ calculator also has its own new version: The TI-84 Silver C edition. This is an upgrade that boasts better graphics, a rechargeable battery and more advanced graphing capacities than the TI-84+ calculator. What’s more, it still follows the guidelines of various standardized tests like SAT or AP. Since the TI-84 Silver C edition has the same price as the TI-84 and benefits very similar to those of the TI Nspire, the TI-84 Silver C is a very versatile device that does not require major modifications to the educational curriculum.

Thus, even though the TI Nspire is a fully competent calculator that offers advanced features, the TI-84 is just as fine- simple and powerful. However, for those who want the best out of two worlds, the TI 84 Silver C edition is always available for sale both in and out of ISM.