Article by: Akshay Sharathchandra

Photographs by: Liah Gomez

Every year, the ISM Fine and Performing Arts department puts on a variety of concerts and festivals to appeal to the masses of the ISM community. Among them is the Great Works Concert, one of the most anticipated concerts of the year, and also the first.
This concert consists of complex musical pieces from around the globe performed by students from choir, orchestra, and band classes. Sophomore Jess Cuadro, avid attendee of many Fine Arts productions, states that “It’s no doubt that the musicians [have] worked hard to give their audience a wonderful show, and it’s this atmosphere of musicianship and pure talent that made me want to attend this event.”

This year, Concert Choir teacher Ms. Melodie Hausman will conduct Concert Choir, Show Choir, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, and Orchestra in a collaborative performance of Chichester Psalms, a three-movement, 20-minute long piece composed by Leonard Bernstein. DSC_4849As if the sheer length of the piece and complexity of the notes are not enough, the entire piece is also sung in Hebrew. In addition to this already impressive endeavor, each class will individually perform a few of their own pieces.

One freshman Show Choir member, who requested her name be kept anonymous, says that while she is nervous about her first major performance, she appreciates the support from the upperclassmen and teachers involved.
On the other hand, viola player Kyle Kim claims that he and his classmates are quite confident because their teacher is “excellent.” Similarly, Symphonic Band flutist Jinny Park remarks, “We’re ready! We have playing tests often so we can make sure that [we are] on track.”

It’s certainly a good thing that the classes are gaining confidence in their performances! Symphonic and Jazz Band director Mr. Tom Nazareno declares the concert a once-in-a-lifetime must-see with a diversity of music groups and people. Catch all the wonderful performers this Wednesday at 5:30 PM in the Fine Arts Theater!

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