Article by: Matt Sicat

For two days last week, several season 1 teams participated in the Pre-IASAS Exchange in preparation for next month’s IASAS tournaments.

Pre-IASAS volleyball was held at Singapore American School (SAS). The boys beat ISKL, Brent Subic, ISB and JIS to clinch a spot in the finals match against SAS. They fought hard in a grueling final, winning the first and third sets, but eventually were unable to leave with the victory. The girls team also played in the finals against SAS. However, the SAS girl’s team still managed to take home the gold. As a result, both ISM volleyball teams placed 2nd in the two days of the exchange.

The boys ISM soccer team did not travel this year; in fact, exchange was held on home field. Instead 3 other non-IASAS schools were invited to play: Ateneo University, University of the Philippines and Lyceum. On Friday, the boys lost narrowly to Ateneo 1-2. However, on Saturday, the boys beat UP in the morning 1-0 and Lyceum 2-0 in the afternoon, giving ISM a total of 6 points. However, Ateneo drew their morning match, allowing them to accumulate 7 points. Hence, Ateneo placed 1st beating out ISM by a mere 1 point.

Similarly, the girls soccer team also played at ISM for the exchange. They ended up placing 4th overall, going 0-4 against UST, 1-7 against Ateneo and 0-6 against UP. Ateneo, once again, secured the championship spot.

The cross-country exchange was held in Bangkok at ISB. The girls ISM runners performed extremely well: Molly Bailey led the team with a season-best time of 19:49, placing first in the entire exchange. Junior Sami Um and Sophomore Akira Sugata followed closely behind, clocking in times of 22:38 and 22:03, respectively. However, this was not enough to take home a medal – the girls placed 4th, with SAS taking 1st place. Dirk Staal was the fastest male Bearcat runner with a time of 17:56, followed by Mitsuki Sugata clocking in at 18:37 and Arjun Chakraborty at 19:15. The boys placed 5th overall, as the home team, ISB, took the gold.

With the real IASAS tournament just around the corner, Bearcat athletes around the school continue to train hard and push themselves to the limit. Best said by Coach Atkinson of boys volleyball, “Our eyes are set firmly upon the ultimate prize, winning the gold medal when IASAS comes in October.”

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