ICARE Revamp

Article by: Devesh Rai

ICARE, along with Battle of the Bands and Battle of the Bearcats, is an event that has come to define the ISM community; it is the very first thing that comes to mind when asked what exemplifies ISM education and service. The reason ICARE has become such an integral part of the ISM experience is largely due to the hard work of the ICARE council – the people behind the scenes who keep the engine that is ICARE chugging seamlessly from beginning of the week to its very end.

This year, the council has shifted a large part of its attention to online by completely revamping the ICARE blog. The new blog,  http://ICARE.ism-online.org/, provides students an incredibly efficient and user-friendly method to browse through the various provincial and local sites that are part of the program. When asked about the online changes, Maya Schoucair, the ICARE vice president, stated that the council was looking for students to have a “more colorful, modern and interactive online experience with ICARE”. She added,  “ICARE is constantly changing, evolving improving, and we want the blog to express that as well.”

Apart from the blog, ICARE has also begun to utilize various other forms of online communication with the ISM student body. Recently, the council opened an Instagram account  (http://instagram.com/ismicare) that has pictures giving viewers a brief glimpse of what the sites will be like. By expanding into social networking, the connection between students and ICARE is even greater, since Instagram is a site that many students use every day. Instead of having to actively seek out information regarding the trip, students can be relayed information by the council while they leisurely browse through their feed, allowing ICARE to be integrated into the ISM students’ lives more than ever before.

As online communication becomes more prevalent in the world as well as in our local community, it is important for organizations to adapt to the changes and to have bigger presences online. With its new-and-improved blog and venture into social networking, ICARE has done exactly that. ICARE has been an important aspect of ISM for a long time, and with the recent improvements to its online communication, it will certainly remain so for a great many years to come!