Quidditch: The New Craze

Article by: Abhi Kottamasu

Photography by: Steve Dodd and Matthew Seet

The current high school student body was brought up in the age of the Tamagotchi, Pokémon and of course Harry Potter. At this years Battle of the Bearcats, ISSBA gave students a chance to rekindle their childhood by introducing a sport that students had only imagined of playing; Quidditch.

This sport has spread to college campuses across the world in recent years and has now been introduced at ISM, appealing to a generation that grew up with Harry Potter, his band of magical misfits and the high-flying game at which he excelled. A game of Quidditch looks like a haphazard merger of basketball, dodgeball and rugby, with the chase between the seeker adding a measure of hide-and-seek. There’s plenty of action on the field as two teams scuttle about, chucking balls and driving for the hoop, but it’s clear that this sport is a little different. For one, the most important rule is that players must have a broomstick between their legs at all times.

HardikAlthough it was a gamble to have Quidditch as a BOB event, we are now certain that the gamble paid off as the sport was a huge hit with students and faculty alike. So much so, that students have suggested the idea of playing it in PE classes and even turning it into an IASAS event. Although the first possibility has already become a reality with Freshman and Sophomore PE classes playing the sport, the second is unfortunately a very “unlikely farfetched dream”, which was expressed by Hardik Singh, ISSBA Vice President in his reply to the ISM compliment pleading for IASAS Quidditch.

The uproar that Quidditch has caused is evident in the quote by senior Pratik C. reading “I wanna play! I wanna play!”, as well as Saruf Alam wishing non-existent Senior PE Classes played Quidditch. However, many pose the question, what makes Quidditch so special? Arjun Chakraborty and Tony Yoon, both participants of the gold medal sophomore team at BOB, noted that “Quidditch is a fun way to make new friends, have fun and hone your athletic abilities as this sport involves running, catching throwing and defending”. Angelica Cucueco, also a member of the sophomore BOB team, says that this BOB event allowed her to participate in an activity which she only dreamed about. She also argues that the best thing about this event is that it is suitable for everyone, a person of any gender, size, shape or athletic ability can play this sport. This was seen at BOB as some team members appeared to be bookish Harry Potter fans, wearing cloaks and capes whereas others carried themselves like trained athletes, lithe and quick footed. Regardless of how students played the sport, the only thing that is certain is that this sport is definitely heaps of fun. Hopefully Quidditch can now be a staple event at Battle of the Bearcats and the ISM community can see more of our Quidditch dreams turn into reality.