Compiled by: Matthew Seet

As the number of days leading up to October Break grows smaller and smaller, the amount of work seems to be growing in exactly the opposite way.

All of us like watching Vines (come now, no need to lie about it), and with good reason. Whether you have nothing to do during study hall or your car is running a bit late, Vines are the perfect remedy. But what makes a truly great Vine? Convincing arguments? Insight? Of course not! We simply demand it to be funny. It is my honour to present to you the funniest Vines floating about the magical world known as the internet: 


1. Acting cool and being cool are two different things…


2. We all have those friends who love their food too much…


3. Sometimes our love just doesn’t feel reciprocated 😦


4. I don’t even know.


5. Traitor. 


6. So close… Yet so far…


7. ???


8. You guys know what I’m talking about.


9. His dad may think it’s funny, but he sure doesn’t.


10. That beard tho.


11. Kevin Hart.


12. For those of you in track and field


13. At least once in your lifetime


14. Can someone please explain?


15. Remember when you thought this was cool?

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