Photograph by: Mild Chawalitanon Article by: Daniel Jachim To outsiders, Model United Nation (MUN) appears to be a group of seemingly intelligent students all dressed up, following strange procedures and speaking in a bizarre third person tense. Yet for all that appears to be intentionally esoteric, those involved seem to love it all the same; in the words of Cesar Meric, a junior who participated in MUN for the first time for, it is “The Bomb”. Seeing as there are about 70 people who participated in MUN this year, their reasons for joining are quite varied. Aparna Mohan, a junior who will be attending IASAS MUN in Jakarta this November explained that to her, it presented an opportunity to refine her public speaking, while also exposing her to prevalent global issues. Nodir Musaev, a Sophomore who started MUN this year and will be attending The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) hopes that MUN will help him “develop his leadership skills”. He plans on participating in MUN for all four years of high school, so who knows; he may be a future leader. Several people, including Navina Hasper, who will be attending IASAS MUN as a chair, a sort of leader who runs the discussion, as well as Yu Qian Wang and Jeffrey Bui, all use MUN as an opportunity to discuss complex issues in an intellectual manner and meet new people from various schools around, not just the Philippines, but the world.  However, despite the very serious nature of the topics discussed in MUN, there is a slightly less intimidating reason many people participate. Simply put, MUN is fun. While the act of debate is usually too intense to be overly amusing, the time spent before and after it is usually very relaxed. So yes, MUN can appear confusing. It can appear difficult. But, so does anything new and unfamiliar. If you give it a little time, make a few passionate speeches, ask some insightful questions, and really begin to invest time in becoming a good debater, you will gradually begin to appreciate the mixture of poetry and politics, of history and mystery, that  comprises MUN.