Service Never Tasted So Sweet!

Article by: Devesh Rai

Bake sales. The mere thought of one can make a person hungry, so perhaps it’s a good thing that there are so many of them. Almost every week, people can see tables set up in front of the canteen, laden with enormous quantities of sweet delights that are consumed far too quickly due to the sheer number of hungry, sweet-toothed students. While, for students, bake sales are simply serendipitous occurrences that lighten up our mundane lunchtime, for service clubs, they are a valuable way to raise funds.

Bake sales have become almost synonymous with fundraisers at ISM, since service clubs, like CCV and SPECS, have come to rely upon them as a way of obtaining funds for projects and donations. However, what exactly is it about bake sales that make them such an inviting fundraiser to host? Emily Francis, president of CFK, sheds some light on the matter, providing a simple answer- “they work.” She states, “bake sales can be organized on relatively short notice, and, due to students themselves baking things for them in exchange for CAS hours, bake sales cost nothing and always yield a hefty profit.” When asked about the types of events the club would hold if bake sales were not a possibility, she gave a noticeable shudder, saying that “while other types of events, such as movie nights, might be a possibility, such events are harder to organize, and are likely to not result in as much profit since people have other commitments after school”.

While they seem to just be trivial occurrences during lunchtime, bake sales are actually vital in aiding ISM’s third core value – service. Without bake sales, clubs would make significantly less profit, and thus would have less to donate to their service partners. While other, more unique approaches could be used to raise money, they are harder to organize and are likely to rake in fewer funds. So, it seems that service clubs resort to baking cakes and bringing cookies since it is their best option, a fact that the ISM community is, surely, extremely grateful for.