Article by: Akshay Sharathchandra

With a large number of clubs and activities available for students at ISM, the diversity and originality of students is truly recognized. Among these is the Robotics Club. ‘Creative’, ‘innovative’, ‘intense’, and ‘fun’ are just a few words used to describe this club and its activities. As the name suggests, the club deals with the basics of building and operating of various robots.

The club takes part in a variety of competitions and events, one of which happens in Taipei this December. ISM will send four teams to fellow IASAS school, Taipei American School (TAS), where each team will showcase one of their robots. The robots will have to undergo a series of challenges that range from “Autonomous”, an event that judges its ability to move without any human interaction, to “1v1”, where two robots compete in specific challenges to win the most points.

During the competition, the teams will participate in a challenge known as ‘VEX Skyrise’ where each robot will stack cubes onto poles as quickly and accurately as possible. Eight teams are initially selected for the competition, but only four make it to the final round in December. Although it is not an official IASAS activity, the teams get school-wide recognition for their participation. Learn more about VEX Skyrise here:

In the second semester, the Robotics Club hosts ‘Robolucion’, a robotics fair that showcases its members’ talent by featuring the different robots they created. Robotics Club president, senior Lucas Ramos, states, “Robotics is an extremely fun experience that is really rewarding when you are able to build something right”. He recommends all students join the club, as it not only builds upon critical thinking and problem solving skills, but can also help in more specific fields, such as building and coding. For those not taking the class, it’s an opportunity to enhance and apply one’s knowledge on both mechanics and robotics.

Although it’s still a couple months away, the TAS robotics tournament is still something to look forward to and we wish all our fellow Bearcats the best of luck in building their robots. Keep a lookout for any robotics club events and announcements!

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