Article by: Gitika Bose

As an entertainer, Oscars host, and social worker, Ellen DeGeneres has won her way into the hearts of many around the world. Whether it’s hard work and dedication, or her ability to make people laugh, Ellen has definitely become a popular icon to whom both teenagers and adults look up to and respect.

If you are not familiar with “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, you definitely should check it out. Simply put, it is a talk show that features the most trendy celebrities. She talks about their lives and often brings up some of the most current topics – from the ALS ice bucket challenge to Nicki Minaj’s controversial “Anaconda” music video. So why do people stay up late at night going over the most recent episodes of “Ellen”? “She’s hilarious – her show is fun to watch and unlike many other comedians, the humour is not based on putting others down, but focuses on providing light-hearted entertainment while providing interesting,” says ISM student, Melissa Dy.

While Ellen is an amazing host, according to junior Akhi, she is also “trying to promote unconditional kindness”. Her numerous efforts ranging from projects “Gentle Barn” to “The ONE Foundation” are evidence of this. Gentle Barn aims to teach people to feel compassion towards nature. It is home and hospital to many abused animals. In order to help, Ellen has used her website to urge people to donate. This is one of the many ways in which she has used her fame to help raise awareness. Similarly, she has also worked with “ONE Foundation”, a charity working in countries where it believes most help is needed in terms of the four Millenium Development Goals. They look to help countries where over 30% of the people are under the poverty line.

Ellen also happens to be the owner of the pet food company, ‘Halo, Purely for Pets’. This year, at the Oscars, her company made a 10,000 meal donation with help of the gift bags. With a retail value of around $6,100, it is one of the most expensive gift bags, and the recipient chooses the animal rescue or shelter to donate the money. In fact, this is not the first time for such generous donations; each year they donate almost 1.5 million meals to shelter animals.

“Ellen is an entertainer who uses her influence to not only donate but to raise awareness for different causes,” says Sarena Nesperos, another fellow Bearcat. While her show never fails to entertain and her Twitter page receives even more followers, her focus has always been for the greater good. For the rest of us, watching her show and scrolling through her website are ways to learn more and help out with her amazing efforts. After each show, Ellen always quotes, “Be kind to one another!”


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