Late start

Article by: Alice Ye

One of the most unique practices of ISM absent from other schools is its famous Wednesday “late start.” The “late start” refers to when school starts an hour later for students, at 8:30am instead of 7:30am. It is an opportunity for busy students to get that heavenly extra hour of sleep or to devote to other things. However, this extra hour is a gift that has not been extended to our teachers, whose Wednesdays still start at 7:30, like every other day of the week. In fact, the late start is actually given so teachers can hold meetings together in their respective departments and discuss their weekly lesson plans and go over their curriculum, as well as make make any necessary changes.

So how do students use this extra hour before the busy school day begins? Most students, like sophomore Medha Srivastava, consider this late start as an opportunity to catch up on that much-needed extra hour of sleep, which is especially appreciated by high school students who usually stay up late finishing assignments and for whom late nights are the norm. Others, like Akshay Sharathchandra, use it as an opportunity to finish homework early in the morning, when their minds are clearer and more focused.

Juliana Antonio, however, uses the extra hour in a different way. She still gets up at the same time and arrives at school by 7:30, but instead uses the extra hour to “relax and socialize”, saying, “it’s relaxing, when you’re in school with nothing to do!” Juniors and seniors who also have study hall first block on Wednesdays get an even later start; they do not have to come to school until 9:45!

At certain times of the year, students also choose to use this extra hour to come to school early and do work for their clubs, such as student leaders setting up promotional booths for Club Expo or Robotics Club members building their robots. Since this October is also Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing month, this extra hour can also be used by students to finish their tests if they have not done so during class time, or complete a make-up test.

Since other schools, including British School Manila, still start school at the usual time, around 7:30, there is also less traffic on the way to school, thus making the morning commute time shorter and more convenient. Therefore, it is an unanimous consensus that ISM’s unique “late start” is widely appreciated and very popular amongst all the students, and bring benefits to them, regardless of what they choose to do with it.