Cross Country 5k

Article by: Candice Hodges

Photographs by: Matthew Seet

Cross-country is undeniably an underestimated sport. The heavy breaths, stumbled steps and tears of pain of the runners as they crossed the finish line truly show the grueling ordeal runners put their bodies through in order to represent their schools. Bearcat Council members helped many athletes as they struggled to stay upright. It is this passion for running that makes cross-country a spectacle to watch.

The girls race was lead ISM’s Molly B. who ran an amazing time of 19 minutes 23 seconds. Molly talked about how running at home was an advantage, “I love running here, the home crowd is so great”. TAS Tiger Alice C. came in second in the race with another Tiger, Kristina K. However, SAS was able to snag the title of first place team after the race despite being one runner short as one girl passed out in the last stretch of the race and did not finish.

14933868484_682fdb7714_kAfter the race, the girls’ teams huddled up and cheered together about the event being over. Some tears were shed as the seniors had finished their last race. The JIS girls in particular seemed in good spirits. The JIS girls’ coach proudly said, “They did amazing, I know they could not give anymore”.

The boys’ cross-country race was an intense one. The girls were cheering and encouraging the boys as they stood on the starting line. Some teams even brought posters to wave about in support. When asked about their thoughts on the race before the starting gun, the SAS boys coach notes “I think they’ll do well, we’re all ready.”

The finish line was busy 17 minutes after the gun went. A stream of runners sprinted across the line in the hopes of outrunning the person next to them. First to finish was Ernest B. from JIS, who was, as per JIS tradition, wearing sunglasses. Ernest ran a remarkable time of 16 minutes 51 seconds. In second was Robbie M. from ISB, and closely in third was Bearcat, Dirk S. In team rankings however, ISB placed first, SAS placed second and ISM placed third.

Although the standings have been set, they are subject to move after tomorrows 3-kilometer race. While the 5k is the main event, many athletes hope that the 3k decides placing’s between closely ranked teams, such as JIS and ISB’s girl teams placed 4th and 3rd respectively despite having an equal amount of points. As tomorrow’s race concludes, so does IASAS cross country 2014.