Article by: Mari Guzman

Photo by: Maxine Alindogan

The IASAS boys final was just as if not more intense than that of the girls. It began with amazing blocks from ISM’s Tim Y. and Kemueli N. SAS also had amazing spikes from Number 8 that tied up the score. ISM’s Daniel Y. had truly powerful spikes as well that pushed ISM’s score up. As the game drew on Number 14 from SAS had overbearing spikes that were unstoppable. Tim Y.’s spikes were just as sharp keeping ISM at a steady lead. Overall, this set featured intense rallying and amazing teamwork from both sides but in the end, ISM won the set.

Score: ISM 26 vs SAS 24


The second set of the IASAS boys final truly reflected the power of both schools. It started off with an amazing spike from SAS’s number 14 and another from Number 10. It then continued on with sharp and extremely fast spikes from ISM’s Daniel Y.. ISM’s George P. also had great spikes that were executed with precision and accuracy. SAS also had great spikes that landed just on the edges and corners of the box. Number 14 from SAS and Rafa E. from ISM made saves that truly saved their scores. Overall this set showed how evenly matched these two teams truly were but in the end, SAS won the set.

Score: SAS 25 vs ISM 21


The third set showed impeccable teamwork from both teams as a seemingly endless rally began across the set, which was then interrupted by ISM player Daniel Y.’s hard sharp spikes that seemed faster than the speed of light. Number 14 from SAS had hard spikes too that allowed SAS’s score to rise. Justin P. of ISM responded to such spikes with hard blocking and a couple of great spikes. He also had a few really great serves that causes ISM to lead. SAS then responded with hard spikes that landed at the very edges and corners of the box! On top of that their good saves and great teamwork caused the score to be all tied up at 25 and 25. ISM’s Daniel Y. also had amazing corner spikes that landed just in the corner of SAS’s box, but in the end, SAS won the set.

Score: SAS 29 vs ISM 27


The fourth set was the most intense of all. It began with SAS’s steady lead from amazing blocking and saving from Number 10 and 14. George P. then responded with spikes that varied from light to sharp, showing his great anticipation. ISM’s Daniel Y. also had amazing blocking that caused ISM’s score to rise. Justin P. of ISM also had tight blocking that sustained ISM’s rhythm. Number 14 from SAS interrupted this rhythm with unshakeable spikes that caused SAS to lead. However to tie the score, ISM’s Tim Y. powered through with a beautiful light set that allowed ISM’s score to climb. George P. also packed a great punch that tied everything up. Overall, this set had everyone at the edge of their seats, and in the end, ISM won the set.

Score: ISM 25 vs. SAS 23


In the last and final set of the match ISM’s Tim Y. began with an amazing spiked that landed just at the edge of the box, followed by Daniel Y.’s hard spikes that contributed to ISM’s score. Number 8 and Number 14 from SAS also had great spikes that put SAS in the lead. But, the ISM boys wouldn’t give up responding with hard spikes from Daniel Y. and Kemueli N. SAS’s great blocks responded, along with hard spikes from Number 10. Overall both teams came head to head with score only differing by a few points at time, but in the end SAS won the set, and the IASAS tournament as a whole.

Score: SAS 15 vs ISM 12


IASAS Boys Results


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