Article by: Mari Guzman

Photo by: Ji Young Kim

The championship rounds of IASAS volleyball were the most exciting and thrilling matches yet. All teams truly played their best within the final rounds of the tournament.


The IASAS girls volleyball was a heated match between the Singapore American School and the International School of Manila. At the beginning of the first set ISM’s Isabel L. had amazing accuracy and precision as she spiked. Number 10 from SAS responded with incredible dives that saved a ton of possible points. On top of that Number 6 from SAS had a sharp spike that landed just in the corner of the box that pushed SAS’s score to a 19 over ISM’s 18. With both teams truly fighting hard it was a close match, however in the end, SAS won the set.

Score: SAS 25 vs. ISM 21


The second set was just as intense at the first. ISM started strong; with Ruci N. and Ayaka S. blocking really tough spikes from the SAS girls. SAS pushed through too, with amazing saves from Number 5 and Number 10. As the game drew on, Ysabel A. was truly a force to be reckoned with, as her spikes and bumps lead ISM to a score of 17 over SAS’s 14. Ruci N.’s spikes were also on point and kept ISM at a steady lead. In the end, ISM won the set.

Score: ISM 25 vs. SAS 17


The third set featured amazing teamwork from both schools. Number 3 and Number 13 blocked an amazing shot that started the match. Number 7 from SAS also had an amazing spike that just hit the corner of the box. Number 3 from SAS followed in example and had a fantastic spike that hit just the side of the box. ISM’s saves responded to these spikes. Ruci N., Ysabel A., and Emily K. had deep dives that almost seemed impossible! After, Number 13 had a hard serve that put SAS’s score in the 20s. In the end, SAS won the set.

Score: SAS 25 vs ISM 14.


The fourth set of the finals started off with a bang from ISM player Ruci N.’s corner spike and Emily K.’s amazing save. Ysabel A. also had a mighty spike that was able to break a wall. An intense rally then began between both schools. ISM’s Ayaka S. had amazing corner spikes and Juliana Antonio had great serves. Number 5 from SAS had amazing saves and corner spikes. In the end the intense match ended with SAS winning the set and IASAS overall.

Score: SAS 25 vs ISM 20

IASAS Girls Results:



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