Second Season: Coaches’ Preparation

Article by: DeeDee Aeschliman

Photography by: Ji Young Kim

As first season draws to a close, the time has come for ISM to turn its attention to the commencement of the second season. While second season athletes are brewing with excitement at the sheer thought of the glory that awaits them, their coaches, in turn, are busily making preparations for the gruesome upcoming months of hard work that is to ensue.

McQueen and Juteau, the girls’ basketball coaches, are researching new offense tactics to implement in their team.  In particular, they are working on strategies that will maximize the team’s strengths of speed and agility.   Furthermore, this year, they have arranged for the girls to play in a different, more challenging league, known as the MMBL (Metro Manila Basketball League).  McQueen and Juteau believe that the greater competitive edge of the MMBL, consisting of schools like La Salle and Chiang Kai Shek College, will stimulate greater improvement in the team’s performance.  “We had a successful season last year, and we continue to have high goals for this year.” McQueen comments, “To achieve these goals, it is extremely important that we work on improving our team strategies, by approaching this season one game at a time.”

PeabodyCoach Peabody of the boys basketball team has also revealed his plans to maintain and further increase the level of athletic performance within his team.  “We have a lot of returning players on the team this year who are familiar with our offensive and defensive systems.” Peabody states, “If the group works hard and stays focused, we will be able to meet our goal of playing in IASAS championship game at the end of the season.”

The coaches of junior varsity teams are also excited by the upcoming season, in which they will be able to meet and train a new pool of potential varsity athletes.  Mr. Brown, also the coach of the JV rugby boys team, asserts that his mission for his players this year is to “develop the expertise and skills needed to become rugby players” and “to have fun and make friends”.  The increasingly competitive JV and varsity rugby teams have demonstrated ISM’s stance as a premium rugby school in the Philippines, in a country where the sport although not predominant, is slowing gaining popularity.

For the tennis team, whose girls and boys have reigned champions for the last few consecutive years in IASAS, stakes and pressures to maintain their titles remain high.  “We lost athletes from last year, but we have also gained new talented players.” Coach Allen observes, “Our teams are still strong, and we will work hard to win the championship again.”

Indeed, we wish the best for our fellow athletes.  Time can only tell what the future will hold but for now let the games begin.