Why do Spirit Week?

Article By: Ayla Ahmed

Photography By: Matthew Seet

Here it is- first season IASAS is just around the corner and what better way to get hyped up than to have a week dedicated entirely to the mighty Bearcat Spirit? Every year, ISM holds a spirit week in which students are encouraged to dress up in order to demonstrate support for our fellow athletes. This year, Bearcat Council announced Monday as Pajama day, Tuesday as Character day, Wednesday as Bearcat Spirit day, Thursday as Green Shirt day and Friday as Black shirt day.

Bearcat Council president Maia Paterno tells Bamboo Telegraph, “Spirit Week is important because the spirit gives us a strong sense of unity, and personally, I feel like it helps us feel like we belong to the Bearcat community more than we’d normally feel.” In other words, the central aim of Spirit Week is to promote the bearcat spirit and show support not only for our IASAS athletes, but also for the community as a whole. It aims to remind everyone just what is means to be a bearcat. Sophomore Shani Samtani tells us, “Spirit week is something I look forward to, because it’s refreshing to see a majority of the 800 high school kids I see roaming the halls half asleep everyday looking more energetic.” As shown here, Spirit Week adds a sense of excitement and spontaneity to the daily humdrum of high school students. Shani continues, “Ultimately, I think the purpose of Spirit Week is to add a splash of color to culminate the hectic first few months of school as our first quarter finally comes to a close.” Overall, Spirit Week fundamentally highlights the importance of unity and excitement within the ISM community.

Since volleyball and cross country will be hosted at home this year, it is of great importance that the Bearcat spirit is emphasized throughout the whole of the high school. However, it is evident that some days are overwhelmingly more popular than others, but why? For many students, it is a matter of convenience. Maia adds, “Pajama day is always popular. It’s probably the day people dress up the most.” When asked about her favorite day to dress up, Junior Anu Babuji states, “Bearcat Spirit day and pajama day!” This stresses the idea of convenience and comfortability when deciding on a costume. Maia adds, “Early in the morning, not a lot of people have the energy to whip up an entire costume/outfit to fit the theme. For days like Pajama day, it’s easy because you can just roll out of bed and go to school.” Freshman Inès Marmonier agrees that, “I prefer to dress up on days that have a comfortable attire.” According to Maia, other days that have proven to be extremely successful are Rainbow day and Twin day.