The 7 Different Stages of Post-IASAS Depression

Compiled by: Ji Young Kim and Maxine Alindogan

IASAS is a time when the Bearcat spirit not only echoes through the halls of the entire school but pervades through the wires that connect the inter-wide web. As the season progresses, bonding sessions become more frequent and a new family is formed.  Sadly, all good things come to an end and the next thing you know you’re hit with the most severe case of home-sickness. Here are the 7 different phases of post-IASAS depression:

First phase:

Whether you competed at home or in another school, you immediately find yourself reminiscing about all the great memories that were made (and secretly dreading the fact that you’re getting closer and closer to school).

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Second phase:

Theres joy and pain in your heart as an influx of IASAS compliments flood your Facebook timeline.

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Third phase:

Symptoms persist as your notifications suddenly shoot up and albums slowly find their way online.

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Fourth phase:

Then you’re hit by a sudden longing for the presence of your newly-made friends …

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… and of course some IASAS eye-candy (Gabe Zink, where you at??)

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Fifth phase:

Your day dreams are rudely interrupted by the amount of school work that you have to catch up on.

Your 3 day vacation:

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… eventually turns into this:

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Sixth phase:

Faced with having to deal with your daily routine, you realize that the school spirit has died down slightly and you find yourself missing the unity of the school. This brief memory flashes in your mind:

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Seventh phase:

And although you’re faced with the reality of your small family finding new ones during second season, you’ll never forget the bond you guys shared. At least you’ve earned more shoulders to cry on 🙂

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