Article by: Georgina Pekin

Photography from: 2014 IASAS Bulletin

With first season coming to a close, so too do the first season experiences for our ISM senior athletes. After a grueling and eventful ten weeks of soccer, volleyball and cross-country, IASAS 2014 concluded the last opportunity for some of our seniors athletes to compete as Bearcats. ISM provides IASAS athletes with treasured four years of competition to play their favourite sports throughout high school. Most athletes can assure you that being part of a varsity team provides some of the most memorable and authentic experiences that high school could offer. Consequently, this time of year can be quite depressing for some of our seniors, who have just played their last game of  IASAS volleyball, soccer, or have crossed the finish line for their last 5K race.

Daniel Young ServeTeam captain Daniel Y. has been part of ISM varsity volleyball team since freshman year, and was lucky enough to play his last IASAS tournament at home with ISM hosting. Daniel told Bamboo Telegraph that he felt “extremely fortunate to play on the home court because [his] brother and [he] wanted to show the school that volleyball is just as intense as any other sport.” Daniel also added that he “was satisfied to play at home because [he] wanted to inspire the middle schoolers and the freshmen into trying out next year.” Daniel, along with other seniors, has strived to be the best role model that he can be for younger athletes. Daniel also has the special experience of being able to play with his younger brother, Tim, and states, “There is nothing I will miss more than playing with him.”

In contrast, senior IASAS soccer player, Maddie M. just moved to ISM this year, and recently returned home from her first IASAS in Kuala Lumpur. After her first IASAS, she emphasizes that no matter how long you have been on the team, it’s always tough leaving behind teammates, and knowing that this is the last season you’ll play as a Bearcat. Maddie says that through graduation and beyond, she “will never forget times when we won our games, but what I really will never forget are the bonding experiences we had as a team.” Maddie told Bamboo Telegraph that she “developed such great friendships throughout the season” and that she’s “definitely going to miss playing and growing as soccer players with these girls”.

Whether our senior athletes choose to continue playing their beloved sports after high school, they will always carry memories of the Bearcat chants, IASAS plane rides, and emotional tournaments from their years in ISM.