Article by: Sarah Kim

On the IASAS weekend of October 18, PCF, Child Hope, and Love to Learn all came to ISM to engage in 5 hours of activity-packed fun. The ISM volunteers, as well as the students from PCF, Child Hope, and Love to Learn, got an opportunity to watch the IASAS volleyball games, make posters to support the IASAS teams, learn dances choreographed by the ISM students, play party games, watch Adventure Time, eat snacks, play sports, and watch Frozen while eating lunch. Evidently, the student councils came together and organized myriads of activities for the biggest and the greatest Saturday service!

This Saturday service differs from the other ones from ISM because it was collaboratively organized by the Senior, Junior and Sophomore councils.  Stefan Suarez, vice president of Junior council, stated that “It was a good idea because more people were involved in the process and planning, making it more meaningful.” All the planning was done together, as the councils met in Mr. Highland’s room during every home base time and communicated via social media in order to make their trip the best Saturday service event possible. Although it took a lot of time and effort, Senior council vice president Dongyun said that “After Battle of the Bearcats, where we were so competitive towards one another, it was a nice change of pace to work with the other council members.” He also referred to this experience of “working towards a common goal together” as uniting the different grade levels in a positive way.

This Saturday service was not only a scintillating experience, but also a glue stick that helped merge our ISM community together. Each council worked sedulously to fulfill their responsibilities by dividing rotations and individual roles to show systematic organization throughout the grades. Stefan described this experience as “an opportunity to meet more people and bond with them”.  Opportunities like these are important to him since he feels “[he is] a very shy person”. This Saturday service not only gave PCF, Child Hope, and Love to Learn kids a day full of fun memories, but also enabled people from different grades to work together and form immutable bonds.

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